EP800 resonation-free vibro hammer is a new series of products jointly developed by our company, Beijing construction mechanization research institute and Japan jiandiao co., LTD.It has won the first prize of the ministry of construction science and technology progress, and listed as the ministry of construction science and technology achievements promotion and transformation guide project;Exported to Japan is known as the "Epoch pile hammer," the Japanese construction ministry (now the ministry of land and transportation) on the series of models for the test and evaluation, and is listed as the new technology to promote the use of products.

      The biggest characteristic of the mechanism of EP series electric drive vibratory hammer is the use of hydraulic control eccentricity conversion device, which can realize "zero" start, "zero" stop and adjust the eccentricity moment from zero to the design maximum during the operation.Compared with the traditional vibrating hammer, it shows great advantages, including:

(1) It realized the start up under the condition of no eccentricity torque, and solve the problem of large capacity power supply needed for the start up of eccentricity torque of vibration hammer belt which is widely used at present;

(2) It realized "zero" start and "zero" stop, which can overcome the resonance generated when starting and stopping with eccentric torque, and prevent the occurrence of noise generated by resonance and damage to other equipment parts;

(3) the eccentricity torque can be adjusted conveniently and freely during the operation of the machine to adapt to the requirements of different soil layers, so as to achieve the ideal speed and efficiency of pile sinking.

(4) The adoption of horizontal structure for large vibratory hammer reduce the their centre of gravity to improve the stability. This reduce the overall height, equipped with crossbeam style of damping system.


EP800 resonance-free vibratory hammer

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