JU90 multi-functional crawler pile driving rig is a new electro-mechanical-hydraulic integration of pile frame developed by our company and Institute of Building Mechanization Beijing Academy of Building Research. It is hydraulic driven, convenient ,fast, safe and stable. It can be equipped with various drilling rigs, vibration hammer, diesel hammer, DTH hammer, hydraulic piling hammer and so on.

      JU90 crawler pile driving characters :
1、The performance of the machine is reasonable-matching, multi-usage, wide adaption in construction.
2、Adopting hydraulic crawler chassis, with super stability. Chassis structure adopting heavy crawler. It is high strength, easy to transport, quick and convenient transposition.
3、It adopts hydraulic motor drive in Walking frame, winch and slewing mechanism. It has the characters that convenient speed control , compact structure, smooth operation, strong shock resistance.
4、Luffing mechanism of large triangle form is used, realizing super stability during construction of the whole drilling rig. The drilling mast is designed in box structure of high strength and rigidity to effectively ensure the drilling accuracy.And columns have functions of minor adjustment to focus on the pile, which is convenient and quick.
5、The combination weight is adopted and the combination is chosen according to the working condition.
6、The machine has mounted with Configuration limiter ,it can alarm in time when its pulling force to the expected, which avoid safety accidents caused by overload or wrong  operation.
7、Imported commins electric control turbo-supercharged engine is used. It complies with national emission standard and is energy-saving and environment-friendly. In addition, it has strong power, which is sufficient to satisfy the construction on the plateau. Its noise is up to the national standard.

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JU90 pile driving rig

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